A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

The second sequence from PH2PC animation short created by the Damian of College For Creative Studies and Design (CCSAD) in Detroit, MI.

Here is the slideshow for

Sequence [2] – Turk’s Home
Shot zooms in to Turk walking home. Turk grabs his mail that is sticking out of his mailbox on the side of the house. Among the white letters is a bright pink piece of paper. As he goes in with the mail, you see a very lonely room. There is a straw bed, a wooden table, one chair that’s been very well used, and another chair set to the side that is in pristine condition, showing that he hasn’t had any visitors.

In front of his worn table setting is a dirty set of dishes (plate with scraps of food, half-full glass of water and a used napkin). The other place setting is set perfectly. Turk looks at it sadly and blows a layer of dust off of it. As he slumps down in his well-worn chair, he pulls it out his mail and begins to shift through it.

Upon finding the paper, he opens it and discovers a flyer with the advertisement for Yubiy’s charm school.

Having trouble with the ladies
Don’t know what to do
Give up all your worries
Come to Yubiy’s Charming school

The next time you ask her out
You Won’t Fail

A ‘ding’ sound is made as Turk perks up with hope renewed; he stands up emphatically and runs out the door.

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