A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Sequence 3 of PH2PC short. I think this was created by Jana.

This sequence is when Turk goes to Yubiy’s school for the first time.

Sequence [3] – Yubiy’s failing school
The shot opens up and shows Yubiy alone in his classroom, which is really a desk, a small audience of empty chairs, and a chalk board showing the 7 steps of from prince harming to prince charming. Yubiy is standing there, looking back and forth around theroom, and then gives a big disappointed sigh as he realizes that his failure school is a failure. He walks towards the chalk board, picks up the eraser, and the second before hestarts erasing what’s on the board, he hears Turk’s voice in the background
TURK:Hello? Umm... I’m looking for Yubiy’s failing school

Yubiy spins around excited to see a student walk into his room. Then he notices that Turk is a Turkey and his face becomes that of disbelief.

YUBIY: Ye... yes... this is it.

TURK: Am I late? Did I miss the whole class today?

YUBIY:(Speaking nervously) No, no, no. Class... uh.... uh.... well.... You see...

A light bulb appears over his head and he instantly perks up and speaks with confidence

YUBIY: My class has been SO successful that I’ve run out of students. They’ve all graduated and found the loves of their lives. I guess I’m just too good.

Turk perks up and speaks with excitement

TURK: Really, Wow! Will you teach me, please? I know I’m only one student, but I really need your help.

Yubiy turns around and begins to speak to himself in a whisper so that Turk can’t hear

YUBIY: There’s no way I can pull this one off. I’ll be the laughing stock of the city (pause)... However, if I succeed, I’ll have students pouring in by the hundreds. I’ll be rich.

Yubiy turns back around and address Turk

Well, I normally don’t teach groups of less than 10 people, but you seem
like a nice guy, so I’ll make an exception

TURK: Really! Thank you so much. I’ll be the best student you’ve ever had, I

YUBIY – under his breath: You mean the only student I’ve ever had

TURK: What was that?YUBIY: Oh... nothing. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Ready to get started?

TURK: Yes, of course!YUBIY: Ok, first, you’ll need this book.

Yubiy picks up the book, looks at the title “You’re a Peacock – so quit acting like a Turkey!”, there’s a split second look of panic on Yubiy’s face, and he quickly throws the book back over his shoulder before Turk gets a chance to see it.

On second thought, we don’t need that book. You’re my only student, so I can give you all the one-on-one attention that you need. Well, it’s kind of late in the day, and I’ve never worked with only one student before, so why don’t I prepare tonight and we’ll start fresh tomorrow, ok

TURK: Huh? Oh, sure. I’ll see you in the morning. Thank you so much.

Turk leaves the classroom very energetically. Yubiy is left in the room shaking his head

YUBIY: What have I gotten myself into?

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