A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.


“It is difficult to inspire others to accomplish what you haven’t been willing to try” ….anonymous


“To create an 8 minute enjoyable “Hollywood quality” 3D animation short with a social message of  the importance of educating the girl child, ??using open source (free) tools to test out the Animux pipeline (www.animux.org), with a global team, while always striving to improve the quality of the tools, the instructions to use them and inspiring other’s to accomplish greater things than what we have on this project.”

Animux Foundation vision has always been to build an absolutely free animation production pipeline that can produce very good quality animations. Out of this vision we came up with the absolutely free Animux toolset (pipeline) which can be downloaded at (www.animux.org).
By undertaking creating the “Prince Harming to Prince Charming” animation short, our intention was to test out the Animux pipeline and promote the importance for the future of this world in educating the girl child. We intend to improve tools that work and make a decision on tools that do perform to our expectations. Another by-product will be detailed documentation on how to replicate our efforts in your own productions. The most ??important of our accomplishments will be to highlight the absolute necessity of educating the girl child for a bright future for not only the girl but this world.

Script Synopsis:
Prince Harming to Prince Charming is a love triangle, where an ugly turkey is competing with a handsome peacock to gain the affections of a strong-minded & beautiful peafowl who is trying to start a school for girls in a male dominated society.
The Turkey subscribes to an online dating website to find himself the perfect match. After much waiting, the patented search finds him his soul mate in a distant land. Puts up everything on ebay and off he goes to woo his perfect match. Much to his dismay, he finds out that his perfect match is a peafowl. He is aware of the fact that peacock/peafowl’s look down upon turkeys. To make things worse, the “Peacock Times Magazines” most eligible bachelor is also trying to woo the peafowl. In despair he comes across the book “Prince Harming to Prince Charming” by Yubiy Casanova, which teaches the 7 steps to go from “Hello” to “I Do”. Using these 7 simple steps, Turkey succeeds in wooing the peafowl, while the Most eligible” bachelor continuing with in his chauvinistic way ruins his chances.

Link to the  version 1.0 of Prince Harming to Prince Charming” script.
Link to Version 2.0 of “Prince Harming to Prince Charming” script.