A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Storyboards of the first sequence of PH2PC animation short which has around 19 sequences that are boarded…

Emily Cawthon who was the first creative head on the project, created this storyboard in a record time. This was the first storyboard which formed the basis for remaining storyboards. At that time, we barely had the characters finalized and we had Emily do her best come up with something to see the timing.

Sequence [1] – In front of Bella’s home
Shot opens as an aerial view of a city. It has well built homes (very royal homes, but very clean and matching), a picket fence all around the city, roads set up in grids for maximum efficiency, and a little plaza with a fountain in the town center. The view then pans in to Turk pacing back and forth with flowers in his hand across the road from a set
of houses.
TURK: Okay… you can do it this time. Just walk over there and ask her out.
Turk stops pacing, looks at the door across the street with determination, looks down at his flowers, looks back at the door, takes a big breath, takes one step forward, exhales in frustration and goes back to pacing nervously.

Ugh… Come On… just do it already.

As he is pacing, he begin to notice that there is someone else nearby. He turns and looks down the street a little ways and sees Pavo looking at his own reflection in the pond right next to the house with all the peahens. He’s fluffing his feathers and talking with himself.

PAVO: Well… hey there good lookin. Got any plans tonight? You know, gotta keep the ladies happy. There are sooooo many ladies… and yet there’s only one of me to go around. How do I do it?

He gives himself one last confident nod at his reflection, looks at a house with 6 doors (almost like an apartment complex), and then pulls out an I-phone and starts scrolling through his daily schedule.

PAVO:Okay. What’s the plan tonight? 6:30 – date with Susan

Pavo looks up from his planner and up at the first door.

PAVO: Oh, that’ll be a fun time. I can’t wait. Let’s see what’s next.

Pavo looks back down at the planner, scrolls the page up a bit (we still haven’t seen the screen yet). He then gives off a smug smile and then the focus moves to the house. As he’s begins speaking, the shot moves from door to door

6:30 – date with Susan
7:00 – date with Emily
7:30 – date with Janie
8:00 – date with Amanda
8:30 – date with Rebecca

The scene moves back to a shot of his planner, showing the 5 date line-up. Also along side it is a list of girls’ names that scrolls all the way down and off the screen. Next to all of them is a check mark, showing that he’s already been out with them. He then slowly walks across the house and glances at each door as he examines his plans for the night, naming one thing that he’ll do with each girl as he passes her respective door.

Maybe a walk to the pond, and then I’ll take her to get some food, and then I’ll take her to the…

As Pavo is mid-sentence, he sees Bella returning home and his jaw drops in awe. She is radiant, walks with confidence, and has a textbook tucked under her wing. He drops his planner and scurries toward her door. Before even knocking on the door, he notices her through the window and his heart starts to visibly beat in his chest. He shakes it off, pulls together the most confident stance that he can muster and gives her a catcall whistle. She looks down to see what it is, sees Pavo, standing with his feathers flared wide and a smug grin on his face, rolls her eyes at him, and then wanders back into her home.

PAVO: Wh…wh… what? She turned her back on me – the great Pavo. No girl can resist me. This just isn’t right.

He walks back to his planner, picks it up, looks back at her window, and then throws the planner in the pond.

PAVO: That’s it; from this point on, I won’t sleep until she is mine.

The shot pans back to Turk who is still standing on the side of the road opposite Bella’s house with a look of awe and disbelief.

TURK: Did you see that? She completely ignored him. Ahh…who am I kidding; if he can’t get her to notice him, how will I ever get a date with…anybody?

Turk drops the flowers on the ground and walks off with his head down.

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