A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Sequence 9…… Sequence 9…..

Sequence [9] – Road leading up to a building
Scene is set in the evening with dance music in the background. Bella is sitting at a table along a trail that has banners hanging above it advertizing for a dance that is going on. Hanging on the table is a sign that says, “save the school for girls.” There is a donation box on the table. The shot starts from a far away view, then to a shot of Bella looking down at the box, a shot of the empty box, and then back to Bella who lets loose a sad sigh.Pavo enters the scene, walks up to the table, knocks the box off the table and sits down where it previously was set.
PAVO: Hey beautiful. How about taking a break from this boringness and come have a dance with me?

Bella gets mad, pushes Pavo off the table, picks up the box, and sets it back on the table.

BELLA: Excuse me! This is much more important than your silly dance.

PAVO: Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how much this meant to you. Let me help.

Pavo pulls out his wallet which is overflowing with money. He opens up the zipper pocket on the side of it and pulls out a quarter.
Here you go

BELLA: (very sarcastically) Thanks...

PAVO: No problem babe. Hey if you change your mind... I’ll be waiting for you inside

Pavo winks at her and Bella avoids his looks. Pavo gets up smugly and walks into the dance. Bella sits back down with a huff. Turk enters the scene and walks to the table
BELLA: (Sounding very disheartened) Oh... hi Turk.

TURK: Hi Bella. What’s wrong?

BELLA: Well, I’m trying to raise money to re-open the school for girls

TURK: That’s great

BELLA: It would be, but no one seems to care. Everyone keeps walking right by me like I’m invisible.

Turk empties his pockets, which is built into his coat of feathers, and puts a small amount
of coins into the box.

TURK: I’m sorry I can’t give more, but that’s all I have.

BELLA: Thank you Turk. But you don’t have to give me everything. Now you don’t have any money to get into the dance.

TURK: That’s ok; this is more important.

The two of them share a brief stare
Anyhow, good luck.

Turk turns back away from the dance and begins to walk off with a little skip to the beat of the music in the background.
BELLA: Wait...

Turk turns back around
TURK: Yes?

BELLA: Thank you Turk. This means a lot to me.

TURK: You’re very welcome Bella. Maybe we’ll run into each other again soon.

BELLA: I’d like that. Goodnight Turk.

Turk walks/dances off to the sound of the music in the background showing an obvious sign of accomplishment.

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