A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Sequence 10 WIP

Emily Cawthon created the sequence 10.

Sequence [10] – Yubiy’s Failing School

TURK: Huh?

YUBIY: D.O.W is your Date (D) Obtaining (O) Worthiness (W). You need to know what your current market value is to her.

As Yubiy is saying each word, his pointer is tapping on the appropriate spot on the board.

TURK: How do I do that?

YUBIY:Well, let’s start by making a list of all the reasons she would want to go out with you, and then compare it to a list of all the reasons she wouldn’t want to go out with you. Then, we just have to figure out how to make those bad qualities go away.

Yubiy walks up to a chalk board and draws a line down the middle and begins writing.
The scene fades to just the left side of the board and scrolls through a long list of Pros.
(kind, funny, considerate, motivated, caring, gentle, generous, good listener, sympathetic,
empathetic, supportive)
. When it gets to the bottom, it quickly pans out and brings focus
to the right side of the board which has only one thing written in large letters that are
circled, saying, “I’m and Ugly Turkey.” To the right of the board, you see Turk standing
with his gaze fixed on the Ugly Turkey line. He takes a deep breath and looks down witha sigh.

YUBIY: Okay, maybe we can’t make it go away... so you’ll just have to show her that looks aren’t the only thing that matters.

They both stare at the board inquisitively, wondering how in the world they plan on doing

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