A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

This amazing team pulled it off. We had the Prince Harming to Prince Charming teaser done in 3 weeks.

There were moments in during the 3 weeks on the project we thought it was highly unlikely we could ever get it done before Siggraph 2009 started. Our self-doubt was inane as we had a very talented set of people. It is truly a testament of their brilliance that we were able to complete it on time.

Thank you message
Filipe Dilly, thank you working so hard to get the Peacock modeled, textured, rigged in a record 3 days. We have gave you an incomplete concept of one of the most difficult bird on this planet and you gave us a wonderful character. Your brilliant leadership in the last 3 days of the deadline made it possible to get the final animation.

Daniel Lima, thank you for working hard to getting the turkey animated on time.  You patiently guided the other team-members who were not familiar with Blender made it possible to help them do finish their work. Your effort on compositing the preview is much appreciated.

Eduardo Damasceno, thank you for getting the color concepts, set designed done on time. Your leadership in during the start of the projected set up the road map for us to complete this project. Your time-line and planning was spot-on accurate.

Paula Decanini, thank you for persevering through the tough assignment of animating in tool you had no exposer too. Being a Maya animator, you took on animating in Blender and produced incredible work and met your deadline.

Daniel Salazar, thank you for working hard to get us the model and rig of the turkey before going on a vacation. Your video tutorial on how to use the rig was immensely helpful and we wish others on the team use your work as examples to create useful documentation for world to use.

Rexy Craxy, thank you for patiently working with the animators resolving issues with the Animux network, SVN and all the other technical issues. We greatly appreciate you working odd hours to accomodate making it convenient to work in our day time.

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