A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Here is sequence 5

Sequence 5

Sequence [5] – Yubiy’s Failing School
Scene starts off with Yubiy standing in front of the blackboard with a pointer stick in his hand. Turk is sitting in the front row with a notebook and pencil, leaning forward with intense attentiveness. You can see that there is some residual angst from the previous night’s encounter with Pavo.

YUBIY: First thing’s first: you need to understand that this is a 7 step process, and every step of it is important, so there’s no room for skipping anything.
Got it?

TURK: Got it

YUBIY: Ok, here goes.
She cannot fall in love with someone she does not remember. So do anything reasonable, and definitely adorable, to be remembered.

TURK: How about chocolate?

YUBIY: Too Strong

TURK: Flowers?

YUBIY: Too Obvious

TURK: Telling a joke

YUBIY: Too clown-like

TURK: Then what do I do?

YUBIY: You gotta do your research. What does she like?

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