A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

PH2PC Storyboards – Sequence 13 PH2PC Storyboards – Sequence 13

Sequence [13] – Road through the town
Turk is standing on the side of the road by a tree that coincidentally has an advertisement for a fireworks display that’s happening the next night. Turk is rubbing his hands together and breathing nervously, waiting for Bella to show up. Off screen you hear a whistle. Turk looks down the road to see Yubiy standingthere giving him a thumbs up and the pointing down the road a little more, gesturing that Bell is coming. Turk turnsso that he is actually looking at the sign now, trying to act nonchalant.
TURK: Okay Turk, just act natural. You’re just looking at a sign. She’s going to walk up. You’re going to ask her to go with you.A drop of sweat beads off his forehead; Bella is then seen walking in.

BELLA: Oh hi Turk

TURK: (Nervously speaking with a gulp) Hi Bella

BELLA: What are you looking at?

TURK: Umm... it looks like there’s a fireworks show going on tomorrow

BELLA: Really! I love fireworks. Would you take me?

TURK: If you’re not too busy, would you like to... wait... what did you say?

BELLA: I asked if you wanted to go with me

TURK: Yeah. Of course! That sounds like a lot of fun

BELLA: Great; come get me at 8

Bella walks off smiling, looking over her shoulder once and waves to Turk. Turk waves back, and then once she’s turned back around, cocks his head to the side in relieved surprise
TURK: Huh...that was easier than I thought.

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