A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Finally these brushes are out, for all to grab….

Now that you know how to use these brushes we are making the brushes available for the public to play with them.  The link to the brushes are at http://www.animux.org/downloads/brushes.zip

The Brushes are mostly created in profile, or a side view, both left and right of course.  They include all nine emotions plus a few others…..also included we’re past revisions that i felt did not make the cut.  There will be face-less characters included…that way its much faster to quickly draw a facial expression then redraw an entire  character.

Thats what this was all about, shortening storyboard production length…by giving the artist’s more tools..or should i say another paintbrush for their pallette.

Share with us if you are motivated to do something with them or any improvements you can suggest.


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