A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Robin Trombley is making the final changes to the script before pre-production starts in full speed.  We have decided to bring back Yubiy Casanova character back into the script.  We also plan to implement changes Bassam Kurdali suggested.

Robin has reworked the script with some more change where the Casanova character was brought back into the script. The main reason for that being that most of the humor for the script was during their interaction. Also, Robin has been trying to convince us that because we have taken out the first 2 minutes of the short which introduces the turkey character, we have lost the turkey’s character depth or narrative. The audience knows nothing about the turkey character.

Bassam Kurdali has been advising us on this project. His advise was to spend time on the script and not to cut corners in the writing the script. The writing has be good for the project to work. If we have to make for the extra time we spend in writing, we could do it in everywhere else (modelling, animating, lighting etc) but never during writing. 

As Bassam reviewed the script he had the same concern about the turkey.  Bassam did like the new script that it seems tighter than the previous versions though he did not agree philosophically. The way it is written right now, it seems, the turkey character is manipulating female peacock to like him, rather than being geniune and getting her to like him for himself. This was a flaw in script, even Robin had pointed out before we made the changes.

Right now, based on the script according to Bassam,  Bella is smart, feminist, activist, into education. Pavo (Peacock) is sexy, vain, he’s all about himself first and please second. But the audience knows nothing about Turk (turkey) other than he wants Bella. So his advise for turk was to make him a country bumpkin, no education, stranger in a strange land, longing for love and extremely gullable. For Yubiy, we wanted us to make sure we make him conniving and crafty.  The key thing according to Bassam was to make sure that we have in the script that Bella knows everything about Turk before she begins to like him and hence sympathetic towards him. Try to establish right in the first scene between Bella, Pavo and Turk and keep working it through out the script. Do everything to make sure, she ends up liking Turk for who he is, rather than being conned into liking him.

Robin, is working on the script and we will place the script as it progresses on the “about” page of the site.

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