A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Turk, our ugly, lovable, romantic hero is finally complete.

Here is the final color concept of “Turk” our lovable that Luis Gadea put together for us based on our input. The colors are beautiful, the expression is exquiste and fits the character perfectly.

Final Draft & Color Concept - Turk

Final Draft & Color Concept - Turk

Points to Ponder:

  • He is an underdog. (There should never be a doubt)
  • Goal is the girl. Obstacle is the peacock and his looks.
  • Underdog that never did anything wrong (should not be DONE! HERE.) Use the peacock, to show some of his flaws
  • good head to body ratio.
  • He is optimistic and persistent. (strike a balance between realistic expectations)
  • He has inner doubt and hence needs yubiy
  • is he educated?

Questions about the character

  • What would he do to attain his goals?
  • What would he never do to attain his goal?
  • What happened in his life that started this insecurity? (helps with his reactions to things.)

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