A blogroll on our efforts to create an 8 min (OPEN MOVIE) animation short on the absolutely free Animux pipeline.

Animux Foundation is grateful for the support College for Creative Studies and Design’s (Detroit, MI) staff and students to help complete the storyboards for Prince Harming to Prince Charming short.

The talented students and supportive staff helped Animux complete the 8 minute short storyboard in a marathon 13 hour session. PH2PC is broken down into 14 sequences excluding the beginning and end titles. We started at sharp 8AM  on Dec 19,2010 and completed around 9PM.

CCSAD helps Animux Create the storyboards

CCSAD helps Animux create the storyboards

The chair of  Entertainment Arts, Scott Bogoniewski ,  had given us an opportunity to talk about our project at a weekly Senior project review seminar at their auditorium.  Out of this, we were able to get 8 students who volunteered to do the storyboard on Dec 19th which would be guided by Steve Stanchfield. 

Steve and the students were in the studio at sharp 8AM and we were read the script in character where each student artist took up a character to act. We figured out the shot layouts during this reading with the insight from Steve and the students. Once we were done, we devided the shorts among the students to draw up the boards.  We took a lunch break and then the talented  students came back to draw the rest of the storyboards.  Amazing work ethic matched by their passion for their skill was very evident during the whole time.

CCSAD helps Animux Create the storyboards

(Front L2R) Emily Cawthon, Serene Garlow, Jayna Shropshire (Back L2R) Edward Micheals, Brandon Babcock

CCSAD helps Animux Create the storyboards
Steve Stanchfield helping with the boards. Brandon Babcock in the background

PH2PC has 18 sequences. Jana, Serene and Emily were incredibily quick with drawing their boards with majority of the boards distributed amongst them.  Serene, I found had an amazing imagination and would play out the sequences and make her additions to it. Unfortunately I did not have a an audio devices to capture the suggestions of this amazing animator in the making. Emily has been associated with PH2PC project right from its inception and her speed to bring a strings of words to life into a picture is unmatched. She is very talented illustrator. Jayna did all the character turn arounds for us to follow. Her storyboards had the necessary details.   Brandon boarded his sequences with same level details. Ed even though an audio visual enthusiast, worked at creating boards. Steve acted out most of the shots and made sure what did not  work in writing was tweaked in the storyboards. He also helped us with the storyboarding.

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